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Quest of the Keys: Book One

An Early Intermediate Piano Adventure in 7 works


Story and Titles:


You and your friends are walking through a forest, when you hear a haunting tune coming from up ahead.  Being curious musicians, you follow the song to find a secret cave, hidden behind some bushes.  You enter the dark and mystical cave (“Into the Cave”) and as you travel deeper, you fall through a portal to another world!  You are greeted by a Wizard who gives you a quest to find his missing Dragon.  Without the Wizard and the Dragon’s spell song, their magical world is slowly dying.  You and your friends bravely accept this quest, and the Wizard sends you to a nearby village to gather supplies for your journey (“The Village Bazaar”).  


Following your adventures in the boisterous market, you set out, following the map the Wizard has given you.  Up ahead, a forbidding mountain looms.  You start the perilous climb up the steep cliffs (“The Mountain”).  After barely reaching the summit alive, you’ve almost lost hope.  Exhausted, you fall into a deep sleep.  The Wizards sends you a beautiful dream of the peace and beauty of a world full of music (“Sweet Dreams”).  You awake refreshed, and ready to find the Dragon and complete your quest. 

On the other side of the mountain, you feel invisible eyes on the back of your neck

(“Who Is Watching You?”).  All of a sudden, the hideous goblins of self-doubt, who have trapped the Dragon, stream from the mountain passes and capture you and your friends!  Just when you are sure you will all meet your doom, the Wizard appears in a poof of smoke (he was watching your progress through the map the entire time!)  The Wizard and the Dragon begin their spell song, banishing the goblins and restoring magic to the world (“The Wizard and the Dragon”)! Your quest is complete!  You join the Wizard and the Dragon in a song celebrating (“Happy Endings”)!


Art by Ryan Finlayson

Quest of the Keys: Book One

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