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Quest of the Keys: Book Two

An Intermediate Piano Adventure in 8 works


Story and Titles:


You and your friends are walking through a forest, when you hear a melody floating through the trees.  Being curious musicians, you follow the song to find a clear blue pool, just begging you to come in for a swim.  With a flying leap, you are the first into the pool; but instead of the cold rush of water, you and your friends are transported to another dimension! You are greeted by a tall, eccentric Wizard who gives you a quest to defeat the Evil Warlord, who is terrorizing this world.  The Warlord is slowly collecting all the music of the land and destroying it.  You and your friends valiantly accept the quest to save music (“Adventure Awaits”) !

The Wizard won’t send you off without a bit of spy-craft training.  Sneaking through the forest, you rely on your stealth to show the Wizard you are ready to start your quest (“Sneaky”).  The Wizard judges you ready, and sends you all off with fresh horses, supplies, and an admonishment to be always on your guard.  As you travel across the land, the climate becomes colder and colder.  You ride your horses across a snowy expanse, watching the crystalline flakes envelope everything (“Snowfall on the Tundra”).  After days of hard travel, you can barely go on.  Through the snowstorm, you spy a light ahead.  A tiny cabin comes into view, smoke billowing from the chimney.  You knock on the door and are greeted by none other than the Wizard!  He welcomes you into his cheery, warm cottage, which is stuffed full of magical relics, potions, and creatures (“The Wizard’s Workshop”)

The next day, rested and rejuvenated, the Wizard deems you ready to carry-on.  You descend into a lush valley, full of colorful birds trilling in the trees.  A sudden, warm downpour leaves you all soaked, but you marvel at the natural beauty all around you (“After the Rain”).  As you travel deeper into the valley, the landscape changes, and the forest becomes dark and foreboding.  Up ahead on a hill, you spy a ghostly specter of a ruined castle.  You and your companions muster up the nerve to enter the castle and are surrounded by the spirits that haunt the (“Ghost Castle”).  It takes all your resolve to escape the ghosts that try to hold you there.

Your hair stands on end as you enter a clearing.  Up ahead is the looming shadow of a dark figure, with red glowing eyes.  You have reached the Evil Warlord at last.  Relying on all your training, you enter (“The Final Battle”).  Amidst the fray, you and your friends are battered and beaten and feel like defeat is imminent.  But a warm wind surrounds you and fills your heart with the music of this world.  The Wizard is fighting beside you!  A final push throws the Warlord back and he stumbles, falling over a cliff to his doom.  Victory at last!  Music is restored and you all join the Wizard in a (“Victory Dance”)


Art by Ryan Finlayson

Quest of the Keys: Book Two

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