Playing the Piano


Piano Keyboard

Ella, Piano Student 

Portland, OR

Miss Amy writes fun, beautiful piano music, and I enjoy learning and playing her pieces.  Snowfall, an original composition by Miss Amy, is my current favorite piece to play.  It makes me imagine mythical, fantastical wintery places.

Piano Lesson

Judy, Parent of Student

Vancouver, WA

Amy has gone the extra mile to find music to inspire an 11 year old and an 8 year old.  She has arranged music for them from their favorite video game theme songs to Broadway musicals.  She has even written piano pieces for each of them, reflecting their individual personalities.  The kids have loved learning to play their very own songs.

Playing Piano

Amy's piano works are cinematic and tuneful.  It is challenging and heartfelt music that is a joy to play!

Ethan, College Piano Major 

Portland, OR

“Art is how we decorate space.  Music is how we decorate time.” 
~ Jean Michel Basquiat

Amy's  Story

Amy Fairchild is a pianist, vocalist, composer, and music teacher currently based in Joseph, Oregon.  She is a member of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association), OMTA (Oregon Music Teachers Association), Cascadia Composers, and NACUSA (National Association of Composers, USA), and an ASCAP artist.  Amy's passions are composing for students of the piano, and providing a well-rounded, individually tailored musical education for her piano students. 


Throughout her life, music has been vital to Amy’s core. As a teen, she completed OMTA Syllabus and Guild Syllabus for piano,  participated in the Oregon Bach Festival and State Honors choirs, as well as taught piano lessons.  She earned her B.A. in Music Theory and Composition from Linfield University in 2004 and was also active in the Theatre Department during her time there.   After college, she worked 15 years for a small private school in Portland, Oregon- CLASS Academy. During her time there,  Amy composed a children's musical which included 7 original vocal/instrumental songs.  Amy was also the Pre-K through 8th grade music teacher at the school.  She developed her own curriculum and taught music history, world music, and music theory to students ages 3 - 13, including teaching ukulele to students from 2nd through 8th grade.


Amy teaches private piano lessons and enjoys using her arranging and composing skills to create entertaining options for students of the piano.  In 2019, Amy started composing for solo piano, to provide exciting and beautiful options for her piano students.  In early 2021, after the unprecedented first year of the global pandemic, she released her first album of her compositions for solo piano, "Serendipities". 


Amy released her second piano album, "Beneath the Surface" in April, 2022 and traveled to the United Kingdom in May, 2022, to perform her composition, "Cloud Shadows" at the International Composers Festival.  Additionally, five of Amy's piano compositions were chosen for the Cascadia Composers "In Good Hands" concert in July, 2022.  She had the honor of mentoring the incredible young artists performing her works at the concert.

Amy is a life-long learner and looks forward to a future filled with exciting musical endeavors.  In her spare time, Amy enjoys running, hiking, and backpacking in the beautiful Wallowa Mountains with her husband and their two young sons.

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